The Goal of Speech Booster (and a bit about myself)

Hi all!

This blog has been in the works for some time. Ever since I wrote, “Tips and Tricks for Busy Parents: To help your child with: Play, Eye Contact, Picky Eating, Tantrums, Speech, Following Directions, Attention”, I have been obsessed with educating, coaching, and counseling parents/caregivers any way I can.

This blog is never meant to replace skilled speech language pathologist’s services. We have a masters degree for a reason. It is meant to help with home carryover as you all are with your child(ren) so many more hours a day. For true progress, the same skills need to be implemented and expected at home.

Here’s to learning together, growing together, and enjoying the crazy ride of parenting, educating, and all things speech therapy!

XO, the Speech Booster

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